Socio-Technical Resilience for Community Healthcare.


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Older adults at home frequently rely on 'circles of support' which range from relatives and neighbours, to the voluntary sector, social workers, paid carers, and medical professionals. Creating, maintaining, and coordinating these circles of support has often been done manually and in an ad hoc manner. We argue that a socio-technical system that assists in creating, maintaining, and coordinating circles of support is a key enabler of community healthcare for older adults. In this paper we propose a framework called SERVICE (Socio-Technical Resilience for the Vulnerable) to help represent, reason about, and coordinate these circles of support and strengthen their capacity to deal with variations in care needs and environment. The objective is to make these circles resilient to changes in the needs and circumstances of older adults. Early results show that older adults appreciate the ability to represent and reflect on their circle of support.
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Socio-technical resilience, Community Healthcare, Circle of Support
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