InstructionGPT-4: A 200-Instruction Paradigm for Fine-Tuning MiniGPT-4

Lai Wei, Zihao Jiang,Weiran Huang,Lichao Sun


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Multimodal large language models acquire their instruction-following capabilities through a two-stage training process: pre-training on image-text pairs and fine-tuning on supervised vision-language instruction data. Recent studies have shown that large language models can achieve satisfactory results even with a limited amount of high-quality instruction-following data. In this paper, we introduce InstructionGPT-4, which is fine-tuned on a small dataset comprising only 200 examples, amounting to approximately 6% of the instruction-following data used in the alignment dataset for MiniGPT-4. We first propose several metrics to access the quality of multimodal instruction data. Based on these metrics, we present a simple and effective data selector to automatically identify and filter low-quality vision-language data. By employing this method, InstructionGPT-4 outperforms the original MiniGPT-4 on various evaluations (e.g., visual question answering, GPT-4 preference). Overall, our findings demonstrate that less but high-quality instruction tuning data is efficient to enable multimodal large language models to generate better output.
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