Speciation of Inorganic Arsenic in Retorted Oil Shale Slurry by Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (HG AAS) after Ultrasound-Assisted Acid Extraction

Analytical Letters(2023)

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An analytical method for determination of inorganic arsenic species in retorted oil shale slurry by atomic absorption spectrometry coupled to hydride technique with ultrasound assisted acidic extraction is reported. Trivalent arsenic measurement employed sample stabilization with a pH 4.5 prior to reaction with the reducing agent and analysis. In contrast, total inorganic As depended upon the pre-reduction of As(V) to As(III) with KI and ascorbic acid in 6.0 M HCl and of As(V) was estimated by the difference of the total inorganic As and As(III) concentrations. The limit of quantification was 3.7 mg kg(-1) for As(III) and 1.3 mg kg(-1) for itAs.
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inorganic arsenic,retorted oil shale slurry,extraction,ultrasound-assisted
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