Distraction-free Embeddings for Robust VQA


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The generation of effective latent representations and their subsequent refinement to incorporate precise information is an essential prerequisite for Vision-Language Understanding (VLU) tasks such as Video Question Answering (VQA). However, most existing methods for VLU focus on sparsely sampling or fine-graining the input information (e.g., sampling a sparse set of frames or text tokens), or adding external knowledge. We present a novel "DRAX: Distraction Removal and Attended Cross-Alignment" method to rid our cross-modal representations of distractors in the latent space. We do not exclusively confine the perception of any input information from various modalities but instead use an attention-guided distraction removal method to increase focus on task-relevant information in latent embeddings. DRAX also ensures semantic alignment of embeddings during cross-modal fusions. We evaluate our approach on a challenging benchmark (SUTD-TrafficQA dataset), testing the framework's abilities for feature and event queries, temporal relation understanding, forecasting, hypothesis, and causal analysis through extensive experiments.
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