Design and investigation of extended source F-type nano field effect transistor using non-equilibrium Green's function

Micro and Nanostructures(2023)

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In this manuscript, a novel semiconductor device termed an extended source F-type nano field effect transistor is proposed. The low bandgap material used at the source electrode is extended up to the drain electrode. At the drain electrode, extended material is confined by wide bandgap material to reduce the OFF-State current. For simulation, Schrodinger-Poisson equations are used to construct the Hamiltonian and non-equilibrium Green's function is used to evaluate the transport. For a thorough analysis, various materials are considered at source and drain electrodes. After investigation, the device is proposed with Si0.45Ge0.55 at the source electrode and SiC as confining material. The proposed device resulted in IOFF = 3.6 × 10−14 A/μm and ION = 8.27 × 10−4 A/μm. IDS-VGS characteristics are justified on basis of energy curve, transmission probability, and density of states at source and drain terminal. For the entire combination, device resulted in a subthreshold slope of approximately 60mV/dec. The proposed device can be used in the future to replace current field-effect transistors as it results in better characteristics than metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors and will have a much simpler fabrication process than tunnel field-effect transistors.
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