Cartoondiff: Training-free Cartoon Image Generation with Diffusion Transformer Models

ICASSP 2024 - 2024 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)(2023)

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Image cartoonization has attracted significant interest in the field of image generation. However, most of the existing image cartoonization techniques require re-training models using images of cartoon style. In this paper, we present CartoonDiff, a novel training-free sampling approach which generates image cartoonization using diffusion transformer models. Specifically, we decompose the reverse process of diffusion models into the semantic generation phase and the detail generation phase. Furthermore, we implement the image cartoonization process by normalizing high-frequency signal of the noisy image in specific denoising steps. CartoonDiff doesn't require any additional reference images, complex model designs, or the tedious adjustment of multiple parameters. Extensive experimental results show the powerful ability of our CartoonDiff. The project page is available at:
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Key words
diffusion,transformer models,image,generation,training-free
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