Double-Condensing Attention Condenser: Leveraging Attention in Deep Learning to Detect Skin Cancer from Skin Lesion Images.

Chi-En Amy Tai, Elizabeth Janes, Chris Czarnecki,Alexander Wong


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Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States and is estimated to affect one in five Americans. Recent advances have demonstrated strong performance on skin cancer detection, as exemplified by state of the art performance in the SIIM-ISIC Melanoma Classification Challenge; however these solutions leverage ensembles of complex deep neural architectures requiring immense storage and compute costs, and therefore may not be tractable. A recent movement for TinyML applications is integrating Double-Condensing Attention Condensers (DC-AC) into a self-attention neural network backbone architecture to allow for faster and more efficient computation. This paper explores leveraging an efficient self-attention structure to detect skin cancer in skin lesion images and introduces a deep neural network design with DC-AC customized for skin cancer detection from skin lesion images. The final model is publicly available as a part of a global open-source initiative dedicated to accelerating advancement in machine learning to aid clinicians in the fight against cancer.
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