Kitchen Artist: Precise Control of Liquid Dispensing for Gourmet Plating

ICRA 2024(2024)

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Manipulating liquid is widely required for many tasks, especially in cooking. A common way to address this is extruding viscous liquid from a squeeze bottle. In this work, our goal is to create a sauce plating robot, which requires precise control of the thickness of squeezed liquids on a surface. Different liquids demand different manipulation policies. We command the robot to rotate the container and monitor the liquid response using a force sensor to identify liquid properties. Based on the liquid properties, we predict the liquid behavior with fixed squeezing motions in a data-driven way and calculate the required drawing speed for the desired stroke size. This open-loop system works effectively even without sensor feedback. Our experiments demonstrate accurate stroke size control across different liquids and fill levels. We show that understanding liquid properties can facilitate effective liquid manipulation. More importantly, our dish garnishing robot has a wide range of applications and holds significant commercialization potential.
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Perception for Grasping and Manipulation,Art and Entertainment Robotics,Perception-Action Coupling
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