EACH-COA: An Energy-Aware Cluster Head Selection for the Internet of Things Using the Coati Optimization Algorithm

Ramasubbareddy Somula,Yongyun Cho, Bhabendu Kumar Mohanta


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In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed human life by improving quality of life and revolutionizing all business sectors. The sensor nodes in IoT are interconnected to ensure data transfer to the sink node over the network. Owing to limited battery power, the energy in the nodes is conserved with the help of the clustering technique in IoT. Cluster head (CH) selection is essential for extending network lifetime and throughput in clustering. In recent years, many existing optimization algorithms have been adapted to select the optimal CH to improve energy usage in network nodes. Hence, improper CH selection approaches require more extended convergence and drain sensor batteries quickly. To solve this problem, this paper proposed a coati optimization algorithm (EACH-COA) to improve network longevity and throughput by evaluating the fitness function over the residual energy (RER) and distance constraints. The proposed EACH-COA simulation was conducted in MATLAB 2019a. The potency of the EACH-COA approach was compared with those of the energy-efficient rabbit optimization algorithm (EECHS-ARO), improved sparrow optimization technique (EECHS-ISSADE), and hybrid sea lion algorithm (PDU-SLno). The proposed EACH-COA improved the network lifetime by 8-15% and throughput by 5-10%.
Internet of Things (IoT),cluster head,optimization technique,network lifetime,coati optimization algorithm
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