An Experimental-Analytical Approach for Condition Monitoring of Magnetic Cores with Predominant Focus on Axial off-set between the Short Circuit Points

2023 IEEE International Magnetic Conference - Short Papers (INTERMAG Short Papers)(2023)

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This paper presents experimental and numerical studies on laminated magnetic cores with GO electrical steels subjected to inter-laminar short circuit faults, with predominant focus on axial off-set between the short circuit points. Experimental works were performed on stacks of four Epstein size laminations under controlled sinusoidal induction at power frequency of 50 Hz and peak flux densities of 1.0 T to 1.7 T. To support the experimental results, accurate time-domain finite element (FE) models were also performed to visualise inter-laminar eddy currents caused by inter-laminar faults. Impact of each fault scenario on dynamic hysteresis loop, additional eddy current loss, and additional magnetic field was studied.
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Key words
Fault diagnosis,eddy current losses,finite element modelling,magnetic cores
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