Transcriptome analysis of Schizothorax oconnori (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) oocytes: The role of K+ in promoting yolk globule fusion and regulating oocyte maturation

Fish Physiology and Biochemistry(2023)

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Schizothorax oconnori (S. oconnori) is an economically important fish in Tibet. Oocyte maturation is a physiological process that is of great significance to reproduction and seed production in S. oconnori, yet little is currently known regarding the molecular mechanisms of oocyte development in this species. To identify candidate genes involved in reproduction of female fish, a combination of PacBio and Illumina HiSeq technologies was employed to provide deep coverage of the oocyte transcriptome. Transcriptome analysis revealed several candidate genes that are potentially involved in the regulation of oocyte maturation in S. oconnori, including GIRK1, CHRM3, NPY2R, GABRA3, GnRH3, mGluR1α, GPER1, GDF9, HSP90, and ESR2. Genes that are significantly expressed during oocyte maturation mainly contribute to the GPCR signaling pathway and the estrogen signaling pathway. Neurotransmitter (Ach, NPY, and GABA) and peptide hormone (GnRH3) binding to G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) frees G-protein βγ subunits to interact with the G protein-gated inward rectifier K+ channel 1 (GIRK1). This process helps release K+ from granulosa cells to maturing oocytes, allowing yolk globule fusion. This mechanism may play an important role in oocyte maturation in S. oconnori. In conclusion, this study provides a valuable basis for deciphering the reproductive system in S. oconnori during the oocyte maturation process.
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Schizothorax oconnori,Transcriptome,Ovary maturation,Candidate genes,GABA
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