MoS2-Based MOS Capacitor for In-Memory Light Sensing

ECS transactions(2023)

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In this work, we investigate solution processable MoS 2 based MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) capacitor device for data storage and in-memory light sensing. The MOS capacitor exhibits a good memory window of about 2.5 V with the operating voltage of +6/-6 V and good endurance of 1000 cycles without any degradation. The device shows a good memory window from 0.4 V to 5 V when the operating voltage was varied from 4/-4 to 8/-8. Importantly, the memory window of the device was increased from 2.5 V to more than 5 V when optical light with different wavelengths was induced onto the device. These promising features of the device make it suitable for data storage and in-memory light sensing.
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mos<sub>2</sub>-based capacitor,sensing,light,in-memory
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