Assessment of machine learning models and conventional correlations for predicting heat transfer coefficient of liquid hydrogen during flow boiling

Huan Yang,Jiarui Wang,Jian Wen, Haolin Xie


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Liquid hydrogen has attracted widespread attention due to industrial decarbonization as an excellent carrier of renewable energy accommodation. Accurate prediction of the heat transfer coefficient during flow boiling has become a fundamental prerequisite for enhancing the design rationality and safety of hydrogen devices since a slight heat leak will trigger flow boiling. A novel selection standard of the dataset for liquid hydrogen flow boiling is proposed, and an experimental database of liquid hydrogen is compiled, including 923 data points from 5 sources. The prediction performance of eight conventional empirical correlations and six machine learning models for liquid hydrogen flow boiling is compared and evaluated. Results show that the prediction ability of machine learning models for the heat transfer coefficient of liquid hydrogen flow boiling is much higher than that of traditional correlations. Fang correlation is recommended to use as the calculation benchmark due to simplicity and reliability if the inlet condition is obscure. The Extra tree model shows the most excellent evaluating performance among the six machine learning models with a mean absolute deviation of 11.44% and a fairly superior R2 of 0.9543. The Froude number Fr exhibits an essential impact according to the feature importance analysis, which may need to be taken into account when developing new empirical cor-relations. An improved correlation for the flow boiling of liquid hydrogen is provided based on the Fang correlation, achieving a mean absolute deviation of 18.61% and a mean relative deviation of 16.49%. The results of this paper can offer some theoretical guidance for the design of a liquid hydrogen apparatus.(c) 2023 Hydrogen Energy Publications LLC. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Liquid hydrogen,Flow boiling,Heat transfer coefficient,Machine learning
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