Antimicrobial substances produced by Bacillus spp.: innovations for food application

Vinícius dos Santos Ribeiro, Paula da Silva Pereira, Juliana Oliveira Santos,Bibiana Alexandre,Fernanda Cortez Lopes,Lilian Raquel Hickert, Lúcia Allebrandt da Silva Ries,Patrícia da Silva Malheiros,Karla Joseane Perez

Ciência, Tecnologia & Ambiente(2023)

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One of the main challenges faced in the production of food is microbial contamination and spoilage. Due to the increasing consumer demand for safe foods and with low addition of synthetic preservatives, industry is looking for natural and safe alternatives. In this scenario, antimicrobial peptides stand out. Bacillus spp. are considered excellent producers of antimicrobial substances such as bacteriocins, bacteriocin-like substances (BLIS), and lipopeptides. However, these substances face practical and economic obstacles that make their definitive use in the food industry difficult. The present work aims to develop a systematic literature review focused on antimicrobial substances produced by Bacillus spp., as well as new technologies developed with potential use in the food industry and the difficulties faced in their development and application. The search resulted in 175 papers and these were refined based on the selection criteria, resulting in 28 studies included in this systematic review. Nanotechnology and hurdle technology proved to be potential strategies to promote controlled release of active substances, increase the stability of antimicrobial compounds in contact with food matrices and increase the spectrum of action compared to the antimicrobial used alone. In conclusion, the use of antimicrobial peptides produced by Bacillus spp. as natural food preservatives shows great potential, however, it is necessary to optimize production processes when thinking about scaling up for industrial production.
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Key words
bacillus spp,antimicrobial substances,food application
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