Green Drug Supply Chain Investigation by Time-Market Balance and Risk

Mahmoudreza Entezami,Hossein Havaeji

World Journal of Engineering and Technology(2023)

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The quality of pharmaceutical products plays a crucial role in healthcare systems such as hospitals for better patient services. Drug Supply Chain Management requires approaches to uncertainty and risk consideration. This study is a comprehensive multi-objective mathematical model considering the uncertainties and potential reserves in supply and medicine. The proposed model includes three general objective functions that minimize total production costs, including the costs of transportation, maintenance, breakdown, collection, and disposal of waste. The model also maximizes the quality of potential storage. The results show the proposed method has a high quality to solve the model and leads to the optimization of the results to provide the drug supply chain for the proposed example. We have identified three important risks and uncertainties in addressing drug supply planning: the indefinite duration of the licensing process, the risk of a forced brand change, and indefinite repayment levels that lead to varied demand diversification. The results of comparison with other multi-objective optimization methods in existing articles also show better performance of the proposed model. A significant cost reduction results from implementing our model instead of using the over-storage role to estimate the volume of active drug elements, as seen in today’s industry.
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