Daphnia sp. (Branchiopoda: Cladocera) Mitochondrial Genome Gene Rearrangement and Phylogenetic Position Within Branchiopoda

Biochemical Genetics(2023)

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In high-altitude (4500 m) freshwater lakes, Daphnia is the apex species and the dominant zooplankton. It frequently dwells in the same lake as the Gammarid. Branchiopoda, a class of Arthropoda, Crustacea, is a relatively primitive group in the subphylum Crustacea, which originated in the Cambrian period of the Paleozoic. The complete mitogenome sequence of Daphnia sp. (Branchiopoda: Cladocera) was sequenced and annotated in this study and deposited in GenBank. The sequence structure of this species was studied by comparing the original sequences with BLAST. In addition, we have also researched the mechanisms of their mitochondrial gene rearrangement by establishing a model. We have used the Bayesian inference [BI] and maximum likelihood [ML] methods to proceed with phylogenetic analysis inference, which generates identical phylogenetic topology that reveals the phylogenetic state of Daphnia . The complete mitogenome of Daphnia sp. shows that it was 15,254 bp in length and included two control regions (CRs) and 37 genes (13 protein-coding genes, 22 tRNAs and two ribosomal RNAs [16S and 12S]). In addition to tRNA-Ser (GCT), other tRNAs have a typical cloverleaf secondary structure. Meanwhile, the mitogenome of Daphnia sp. was clearly rearranged when compared to the mitogenome of typical Daphnia . In a word, we report a newly sequenced mitogenome of Daphnia sp. with a unique rearrangement phenomenon. These results will be helpful for further phylogenetic research and provide a foundation for future studies on the characteristics of the mitochondrial gene arrangement process in Daphnia .
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Key words
Daphnia sp.,Mitogenome,Gene rearrangement,Phylogenetic analysis,Branchiopoda
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