A Novel Dual Permanent Magnet Fault-Tolerant Vernier Machine With Hybrid Stator Configuration

2023 26th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)(2023)

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This article proposes a dual permanent magnet fault-tolerant vernier machine with hybrid stator configuration (DPM-HSFTVM). Initially, a detailed exposition of the machine topology and operating principles is provided. Subsequently, the 20 slots and 42 poles DPM-HSFTVM is globally optimized utilizing the finite element tool. Additionally, electromagnetic performance between proposed and conventional HSFTVMs are comparatively studied. It is revealed that the dual PM design of the DPM-HSFTVM allows for a significant reduction in PM usage, while also exhibiting higher fault-tolerant capability, torque density and power factor compared to conventional machine.
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Dual permanent magnet (PM),fault-tolerant,hybrid stator configuration,PM machine,Vernier machine
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