Design Optimization and Comparative Study of Hybrid-Excited Flux Modulated Linear Machines with Different Slot Permanent Magnets

2023 26th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)(2023)

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This paper introduces and conducts a comparative analysis of three types of hybrid-excited flux-modulated linear machines (HEFMLMs) equipped with slot permanent magnets. It establishes a comprehensive analytical model to facilitate a deeper understanding of the operational principles of these machines featuring different hybrid excitation patterns. The paper commences by elucidating the machine’s topology and operational principles. Subsequently, it presents a unified analytical model based on the magnetomotive force-permeance model for calculation purposes. Furthermore, the paper examines the electromagnetic performance of these three HEFMLMs, encompassing open-circuit characteristics and thrust force characteristics. The investigation highlights the potential of hybrid excitation as an effective means to enhance thrust force density through the optimization of the distribution of optimal direct current and alternating current. In summary, the three proposed HEFMLMs offer unique advantages and demonstrate suitability for cost-effective, long-stroke direct-drive applications.
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Key words
Flux modulation,hybrid excitation,linear machine,permanent magnet
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