Optimization of window solar gain for a building with less cooling load


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Considering solar gain through the window (SGW), this study investigated the effects of installing shading on cooling load. Approving energy analysis for the base building (without shading), the cooling, heating, and annual energy demand were calculated. The best window angle and the best shading projection were obtained using the genetic algorithm. For the yearly minimum energy demand scenario, it was found that the window should be placed in the south direction, accompanied by the shading project with a maximum length of 20 cm. The results of the genetic algorithm revealed that for windows at the angle of 75-90 degrees, the positive shading effects on annual energy demand become maximum. In this case, the shading reduces the yearly energy consumption by 3.1 %. The optimization showed that the shades have the best results for reducing the cold load for windows that are located in the azimuth angle between 135 and 180 degrees.
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Building energy demand,Optimization,Shadow,Solar radiation
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