A Novel Phase-Unit Axial-Modular Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine With Integral-Slot Non-Overlapping Concentrated Windings

2023 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, Asia-Pacific (ITEC Asia-Pacific)(2023)

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In this paper, a novel phase-unit axial-modular permanent magnet vernier machine (PUAM-PMVM) with integral-slot non-overlapping concentrated windings (ISONCW) is proposed, and the machine phases are split axially with a fixed mechanical angle to produce a steady torque. To start with, the machine theoretical working principle is illustrated and derived theoretically, and the working principle is clarified to validate the proposed topology. Secondly, the slot-pole combinations of this novel PMVM are investigated, which can extend the slot-pole combinations. Then, the performances among the proposed ICONCW, conventional winding topologies are compared and analyzed by finite-element analysis (FEA). Besides, the no-load back-EMF, flux density, power factor, as well as torque are conducted and compared, which can validate the high-torque and superior fault-tolerant capabilities of the proposed PUAM-PMVM. Finally, the conclusions and future prospects are given and developed.
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Permanent magnet vernier machine,axial-modular,integra-slot,non-overlapping winding,split-distributed phases
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