Lead-Free Chiral Perovskite for High Degree of Circularly Polarized Light Emission and Spin Injection


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We report a zero-dimensional (0D) lead-free chiral perovskite (S-/R-MBA)(4)Bi2I10 with a high degree of circularly polarized light (CPL) emission. Our 0D lead-free chiral perovskite exhibits an average degree of circular polarization (DOCP) of 19.8% at 78 K under linearly polarized laser excitation, and the maximum DOCP can reach 25.8%, which is 40 times higher than the highest DOCP of 0.5% in all reported lead-free chiral perovskites to the best of our knowledge. The high DOCP of (S-/R-MBA)(4)Bi2I10 is attributed to the free exciton emission with a Huang-Rhys factor of 2.8. In contrast, all the lead-free chiral perovskites in prior reports are dominant by self-trapped exciton in which the spin relaxation reduces DOCP dramatically. Moreover, we realize the manipulation of the valley degree of freedom of monolayer WSe2 by using the spin injection of the 0D chiral lead-free perovskites. Our results provide a new perspective to develop lead-free chiral perovskite devices for CPL light source, spintronics, and valleytronics.
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0D chiral perovskites,lead-free,circularlypolarized light,spin-injection,valley
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