Research on Coal and Gangue Recognition Based on the Improved YOLOv7-Tiny Target Detection Algorithm

Yiping Sui,Lei Zhang,Zhipeng Sun, Weixun Yi, Meng Wang


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The recognition technology of coal and gangue is one of the key technologies of intelligent mine construction. Aiming at the problems of the low accuracy of coal and gangue recognition models and the difficult recognition of small-target coal and gangue caused by low-illumination and high-dust environments in the coal mine working face, a coal and gangue recognition model based on the improved YOLOv7-tiny target detection algorithm is proposed. This paper proposes three model improvement methods. The coordinate attention mechanism is introduced to improve the feature expression ability of the model. The contextual transformer module is added after the spatial pyramid pooling structure to improve the feature extraction ability of the model. Based on the idea of the weighted bidirectional feature pyramid, the four branch modules in the high-efficiency layer aggregation network are weighted and cascaded to improve the recognition ability of the model for useful features. The experimental results show that the average precision mean of the improved YOLOv7-tiny model is 97.54%, and the FPS is 24.73 f center dot s-1. Compared with the Faster-RCNN, YOLOv3, YOLOv4, YOLOv4-VGG, YOLOv5s, YOLOv7, and YOLOv7-tiny models, the improved YOLOv7-tiny model has the highest recognition rate and the fastest recognition speed. Finally, the improved YOLOv7-tiny model is verified by field tests in coal mines, which provides an effective technical means for the accurate identification of coal and gangue.
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Key words
artificial intelligence algorithm,recognition of coal and gangue,YOLOv7-tiny model,model performance evaluation index,ablation experiment
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