Transmission Timing Scheduling Method for Station Groups with Different Packet Generation Periods in Smart Factory Environment.

IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics(2024)

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In smart IoT environments such as smart factory ones, periodically generated data packets as well as aperiodically generated ones with various sizes and generation time intervals are transferred, and they have various permissible transfer delay constraints. Reducing packet collision is the most essential effort for efficient data packet transfer meeting such constraints, because packet collision causes retransmissions and continuous collision events result in packet loss. In this paper, we propose a novel transmission timing scheduling method for wireless stations (STAs) that generate and transmit packets to their access point at various time periods, and verify its operation through experimental studies. In the proposed method, transmission durations during which each STA is permitted to transmit packets are assigned on the time axis so that the overlap of transmission durations from different STAs is minimized based on the periodicity of packet generation. This control is realized with a software buffer provided just before packets are passed from the upper IP layer to the MAC layer so that existing IEEE 802.11 devices are used without replacing them. We develop a prototype system and conduct several experiments to verify the operation of the proposed method. The results confirm the effective implementation of the proposed method, demonstrating its adherence to our planned schedule in accurately assigning transmission timings for each STA.
Transmission timing scheduling,Collision avoidance,IoT,Smart factory,IR 4.0
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