Berkeley Open Extended Reality Recordings 2023 (BOXRR-23): 4.7 Million Motion Capture Recordings from 105,000 XR Users.

Vivek Nair,Wenbo Guo, Rui Wang, James F OBrien,Louis Rosenberg,Dawn Song

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics(2024)

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Extended reality (XR) devices such as the Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro have seen a recent surge in attention, with motion tracking "telemetry" data lying at the core of nearly all XR and metaverse experiences. Researchers are just beginning to understand the implications of this data for security, privacy, usability, and more, but currently lack large-scale human motion datasets to study. The BOXRR-23 dataset contains 4,717,215 motion capture recordings, voluntarily submitted by 105,852 XR device users from over 50 countries. BOXRR-23 is over 200 times larger than the largest existing motion capture research dataset and uses a new, highly efficient and purpose-built XR Open Recording (XROR) file format.
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Dataset,virtual reality,extended reality,motion capture,big data
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