BCTMSSF: a blockchain consensus-based traceability method for supply chain in smart factory

Hang Zhao,Kai Hu, Zehui Yuan,Shaowen Yao,Libo Feng

Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing(2024)

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Encountering the problems of diverse sources, opaque information, and difficult collaboration among nodes in a smart factory supply chain, we proposed a traceability model based on blockchain consensus technology. It can realize accurate traceability, transparent transmission, and trusted storage of supply chain information. First, we proposed a blockchain-based smart factory supply chain traceability model (BCTMSSF). It makes the donation process open and transparent using a decentralized, traceable, and tamper-proof blockchain. Second, we proposed a verifiable delegated proof of stake (VDPoS) scheme to solve the problems of centralization and security. It integrates a dynamic random probability mechanism and fuse mechanism. Finally, we conducted experiments on a blockchain platform and verified the proposed model. The results revealed that our model can solve the problems of real-time, reliable, and transparent traceability of supply chain information, alleviate the problem of centralization, and improve security.
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Key words
Blockchain,Smart factory,Supply chain,Consensus mechanism
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