Visual Clue Guidance and Consistency Matching Framework for Multimodal Named Entity Recognition


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The goal of multimodal named entity recognition (MNER) is to detect entity spans in given image-text pairs and classify them into corresponding entity types. Despite the success of existing works that leverage cross-modal attention mechanisms to integrate textual and visual representations, we observe three key issues. Firstly, models are prone to misguidance when fusing unrelated text and images. Secondly, most existing visual features are not enhanced or filtered. Finally, due to the independent encoding strategies employed for text and images, a noticeable semantic gap exists between them. To address these challenges, we propose a framework called visual clue guidance and consistency matching (GMF). To tackle the first issue, we introduce a visual clue guidance (VCG) module designed to hierarchically extract visual information from multiple scales. This information is utilized as an injectable visual clue guidance sequence to steer text representations for error-insensitive prediction decisions. Furthermore, by incorporating a cross-scale attention (CSA) module, we successfully mitigate interference across scales, enhancing the image's capability to capture details. To address the third issue of semantic disparity between text and images, we employ a consistency matching (CM) module based on the idea of multimodal contrastive learning, facilitating the collaborative learning of multimodal data. To validate the effectiveness of our proposed framework, we conducted comprehensive experimental studies, including extensive comparative experiments, ablation studies, and case studies, on two widely used benchmark datasets, demonstrating the efficacy of the framework.
multimodal named entity recognition,contrastive learning,feature pyramid
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