Neural Physical Simulation with Multi-Resolution Hash Grid Encoding

Haoxiang Wang,Tao Yu, Tianwei Yang,Hui Qiao,Qionghai Dai

AAAI 2024(2024)

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We explore the generalization of the implicit representation in the physical simulation task. Traditional time-dependent partial differential equations (PDEs) solvers for physical simulation often adopt the grid or mesh for spatial discretization, which is memory-consuming for high resolution and lack of adaptivity. Many implicit representations like local extreme machine or Siren are proposed but they are still too compact to suffer from limited accuracy in handling local details and a long time of convergence. We contribute a neural simulation framework based on multi-resolution hash grid representation to introduce hierarchical consideration of global and local information, simultaneously. Furthermore, we propose two key strategies: 1) a numerical gradient method for computing high-order derivatives with boundary conditions; 2) a range analysis sample method for fast neural geometry boundary sampling with dynamic topologies. Our method shows much higher accuracy and strong flexibility for various simulation problems: e.g., large elastic deformations, complex fluid dynamics, and multi-scale phenomena which remain challenging for existing neural physical solvers.
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CV: 3D Computer Vision,APP: Natural Sciences,CSO: Solvers and Tools
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