Design of Communication Countermeasure Simulation Model and Data Interaction Interface for Battlefield Network Based on QualNet.

Wenyi Li,Peng Gong,Weidong Wang, Yu Liu, Jianfeng Li,Xiang Gao

International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology(2024)

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The performance analysis of battlefield communication network has been more and more complex and difficult with its increasing scale, heterogeneity and geographical distribution of nodes. Computer simulation technology is considered as a potential technology to efficiently and accurately solve this problem. This paper focuses on the simulation requirements of anti-interference performance of battlefield communication networks in complex electromagnetic environments, and designs reconnaissance interference and frequency hopping models based on QuaINet simulation software. The model introduces scout and jammer nodes in the communication network, which can conduct reconnaissance and directional interference on communication nodes in the network. Other nodes can set frequency hopping parameters to achieve anti-interference. In addition, a data interaction interface for the distributed simulation system is designed based on the DDS specification, and a structure definition file is designed according to the data interaction requirements to achieve dynamic control of the QualNet simulation model by external control modules. Finally, this article tested the functionality of the communication countermeasure model and conducted a delay test on the data interaction interface. The experimental results verify the functionality of the designed model and the high real time of the interface, which is of great significance to the anti-interference performance assessment of the battlefield communication network.
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Key words
Battlefield network,QualNet,Communication countermeasure,DDS,Data interaction interface
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