Bibliometric analysis and systematic review of electrogenic bacteria in constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell: Key factors and pollutant removal


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Bioelectrochemical systems have emerged as efficient and sustainable wastewater treatments. Constructed wetland microbial fuel cell has gained considerable attention for electrogenic bacteria-driven wastewater treatment and electricity generation. Electrogenic bacteria play a pivotal role in constructed wetland microbial fuel cell by converting organic waste into electrons, thereby providing a critical biocatalyst for wastewater treatment and electricity generation. However, understanding their regulation, enrichment, and interactions remains lacking. This paper presents a comprehensive and systematic review of current research advancements in electroactive bacteria, offering valuable insights for further investigation. Through a bibliometric analysis and systematic review, this article presents a study on the factors influencing the role of electroactive bacteria and provides a comprehensive overview of the system removal performance. Finally, suggestions and future research directions for constructed wetland microbial fuel cell are presented.
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Constructed wetland -microbial fuel cell,Electrogenic bacteria,Bioelectricity generation,Pollutant removal,Bibliometric analysis
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