Mimicking Ozonolysis via Mechanochemistry: Internal Alkynes to 1,2-Diketones using H5IO6.

Pravat Nayek,Prasenjit Mal

Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)(2024)

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Utilizing periodic acid as an environmentally benign oxidizing agent, this study introduces a novel mechanochemical method that mimics ozonolysis to convert internal alkynes into 1,2-diketones, showcasing effective emulation of ozone's reactivity. Notably, this oxidation occurs at room temperature in aerobic conditions, eliminating the need for toxic transition metals, hazardous oxidants, or expensive solvents. Through control experiments validating the mechanism, substantial evidence supports a concerted reaction pathway. This progress marks a significant stride toward cleaner and more efficient chemical synthesis, mitigating the environmental impact of conventional processes. Assessing the green chemistry metrics in both solvent-free and previously reported solvent-based methods, our eco-friendly protocol demonstrates an E-factor of 7.40, a 51.7% atom economy, a 45.5% atom efficiency, 100% carbon efficiency, and 11.9% reaction mass efficiency when solvents are not used.
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