EMO-Music: Emotion Recognition Based Music Therapy with Deep Learning on Physiological Signals

Hanzhe Guo, Jiawen Zhang, Yueyao Jiang, Yifei Qi, Simeng Chen, Zhen Chen, Weiran Lin,Junwei Cao,Shuangs hou Li

2024 IEEE First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Medicine, Health and Care (AIMHC)(2024)

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Music regulates emotions, alleviating negativity and promoting positive mental states. Music therapy is widely used, notably for autistic patients and college students' mental well-being. College students face high stress, poor sleep, and reluctance to seek support, making music therapy particularly suitable. This paper present EMO-Music, which uses a smartwatch to intervene positively by recognizing users' emotions and playing music accordingly. It aims to transform music apps into functional tools for enhanced therapy. User experiments using the SUS scale are conducted to evaluate the feasibility of our system.
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