Multi-source monitoring data filtering assisted deformation analysis model updating of ultra-high rockfill dam

Computers and Geotechnics(2024)

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The deformation monitoring of ultra-high rockfill dams is now characterized by the applications of various monitoring instruments and the comparably dense measurement point deployment. The deformation analysis of rockfill dam can be greatly improved based on the multi-source monitoring data using the model updating technique. However, the model updating of rockfill dam faces challenges such as imbalanced spatial distribution of data, uneven data quality, and information redundancy, which leads to low performance and limits its application. Thus, this study proposes an innovative scheme for deformation analysis model updating, involving multi-source monitoring data filtering and model parameter identification. This scheme reduces the information redundancy, and ensures the finite element analysis (FEA) model of rockfill dam better reflects the actual deformation. The application in the 295 m Lianghekou rockfill dam demonstrates its notably enhancement of FEA accuracy, further improving the safety assessment.
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Key words
Rockfill Dam,Deformation Analysis,Multi-source Monitoring Data,Model Updating,Parameter Identification
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