Characterization of Road Surface Topography Changes During Polishing Process with Characteristic Roughness Parameter

Tan Tan, Wenzhu Cai,Chao Xing, Anxing Meng,Yiqiu Tan, HuiLi She


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In this paper, three-dimensional structure feature points of the asphalt mixture were obtained based on the industrial CT. The surface morphology of the asphalt mixture was then extracted through image morphology processing and evolutionary matching algorithms. A series of accelerated polishing tests were utilized to simulate the long-term polishing effect of the tire load on the asphalt pavement. Combining with digital image analysis, the full-life morphology evolution trend of the asphalt pavement was analyzed, and the full-life surface morphology datasets of the asphalt pavement were constructed. By comparing the power spectrum density of the asphalt pavement morphology at different wear stages, a segmented evaluation method based on the spectral fractal method was proposed. Combining the spectral fractal parameters and statistical geometric parameters, a multi-scale asphalt pavement surface morphology feature evaluation index was proposed. This provides a more intricate and detailed analysis of the surface structure of asphalt mixtures.
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Key words
Asphalt pavement,Surface texture,Polishing test,Multi-scale analysis,Wavelength ranges,Skid resistance
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