Study on the influencing factors of mechanical properties of anti-icing modified asphalt mortar

Cold Regions Science and Technology(2024)

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Accumulated snow and ice on road surface affect traffic operation. Anti-icing asphalt pavement is widely implemented as an active snow melting technology. However, there are few studies on anti-icing modified asphalt mortar mechanical properties and the effect of mortar materials on the interaction between modified asphalt and anti-icing filler. For this reason, this study investigated the mechanical properties of asphalt including rheological, high-temperature, fatigue and low-temperature properties through frequency and temperature scan, multiple stress creep recovery, linear amplitude scan, and single edge notched beam test. Based on this, the significant factors affecting asphalt mechanical properties were identified by analysis of variance. Subsequently, the Palierne-C-G* parameter was used to quantify the interaction between modified asphalt and anti-icing filler, and the effect of asphalt chemical structure on the interaction was revealed by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) test. The results indicated that the anti-icing filler significantly improved the high temperature and fatigue resistance of asphalt. Compared with SBS modified asphalt mortar, the mechanical properties of composite modified asphalt mortar were superior. The most significant factor affecting the mechanical properties of SBS modified asphalt mortar was modifier dosage, while the most significant factor affecting the composite modified asphalt mortar was crushed rubber dosage. The interaction showed a decreasing trend with the increase of frequency, while it appeared to increase and then decrease with the increase of temperature. The carbonyl functional group of asphalt correlated best with the interaction between asphalt and filler.
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Modified asphalt,Anti-icing asphalt mortar,Mechanical properties,Interaction
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