Thermography measurement for bridge displacement in the darkness using power-free target

Ziyang Su, Linqing Wang,Jian Zhang

Engineering Structures(2024)

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Vision-based displacement measurement has become increasingly popular in bridge health assessment. However, this technology faces challenge that a complicated power-consuming supply system must be installed in the darkness, making it unable to meet the needs of low energy consumption and low cost. This paper proposes a bridge displacement measurement method using power-free target and thermography to address it. First, a thermography measurement system for bridge displacement in the darkness is developed. The power-free target with a hollowed-out circular feature is adopted to form the contrast to the background, and graphene is coated on the target surface to enhance the infrared emissivity and contrast further. Second, a sub-pixel elliptic center positioning algorithm based on thermography enhancement and data optimization is proposed to improve the accuracy and the ability to resist occlusion. The feasibility of the method is verified by laboratory tests and bridge field tests. When the measurement distance is within 15 m, the results meet the engineering error requirements of 5%, with the prospect of popularization in small and medium-sized bridges displacement measurement.
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Key words
Thermography,Power-free target,Displacement measurement,Elliptic center positioning
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