Professor Kemelmacher-Shlizerman's research is in computer vision, computer graphics, deep learning, AR, and VR.
Ira is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Allen School, and Director of the UW Reality Lab. In parallel to Ira's academic career, she built and launched the feature "Face Movies" at Google, was the founder and CEO of Dreambit acquired by Facebook, worked at Facebook, and currently back at Google leading 10x initiative in fashion.
Her works were awarded the Google faculty award, Madrona prize, the GeekWire 2016 Innovation of the Year Award, Geekwire's Geek of the Week, selected to the covers of CACM and SIGGRAPH, and frequently covered by national and international media, such as the BBC, CNN, and New York Times. Ira frequently serves as area chair and technical committee of top conferences in both computer vision and graphics, CVPR and SIGGRAPH.