I am an associate professor at the Computer Science Department at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. I granted a Ph.D. in theoretical computer science from the Computer Science Department, University of Toronto. My Ph.D. thesis dealt with online algorithms for financial applications and was supervised by Prof. Allan Borodin. During the last stages of Ph.D. (and thereafter) I was fortunate to join Prof. Borodin at MIT and spent almost a year at the Theory of Computation Group at the Laboratory for Computer Science in MIT. After MIT I returned to Israel and did a postdocoral work at the Center For Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This interdisciplinary center (then headed by Sergiu Hart) focuses on game theory and its relation to many other subjects such as economics, finance, biology, psychology and more. During my second year at the Center for Rationality I was fortunate to meet Prof. Tali Tishby who introduced me to machine learning and invited me to continue my research at his Machine Learning Lab at the Institute of Computer Science at the Hebrew University. I completed my masters and undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My master advisor is Prof. Michael Ben-Or and my master thesis dealt with protocols for fault tolerance and Byzantine Agreements. Between M.Sc. and Ph.D. I spent some time as a software engineer at Motorola Semiconductor Israel (now Freescale Semiconductor).