Identification of related gene/protein names based on an HMM of name variations.

Computational Biology and Chemistry(2004)

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Gene and protein names follow few, if any, true naming conventions and are subject to great variation in different occurrences of the same name. This gives rise to two important problems in natural language processing. First, can one locate the names of genes or proteins in free text, and second, can one determine when two names denote the same gene or protein? The first of these problems is a special case of the problem of named entity recognition, while the second is a special case of the problem of automatic term recognition (ATR). We study the second problem, that of gene or protein name variation. Here we describe a system which, given a query gene or protein name, identifies related gene or protein names in a large list. The system is based on a dynamic programming algorithm for sequence alignment in which the mutation matrix is allowed to vary under the control of a fully trainable hidden Markov model.
gene name variation,different occurrence,related gene,special case,markov model,great variation,query gene,hidden markov model,information extraction,important problem,entity recognition,protein name variation,automatic term recognition,protein name,natural language processing,dynamic programming algorithm,sequence alignment
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