Xylem-specific expression of a GRP1.8 promoter::4CL gene construct in transgenic tobacco

Plant Growth Regulation(2003)

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Lignin is a complex aromatic polymer of vascular plants that provides mechanical strength to the stem and protects cellulose fibres from chemical and biological degradation. 4-Coumarate?:?CoA ligases (EC are key enzymes for the biosynthetic pathway of monolignols which is an important complex aromatic polymer for lignin biosynthesis and tree growth. Recently, 4-coumarate?:?CoA ligase has been used as exogenous gene in transgenic plants to genetically modify the lignin biosynthesis pathway. Since most lignin is produced in the vascular cells, a tissue-specific-expressed promoter in the vascular cell would be important and useful to change and modify the content of lignin. Here we report the existence of a promoter of GRP1.8 (the glycine-rich protein 1.8) in Sopho japonica L. (GenBank accession number AF250149) and studies on its function in transgenic tobacco. The promoter activity was analyzed in transgenic tobacco plants by histochemical staining of GUS gene expression driven by a 613-bp sjGRP1.8p promoter sequence. In sjGRP1.8p-GUS transgenic plants, intense GUS staining was detected in the xylem of the stem. To further investigate the regulation of the tissue-specific expression of the 4CL1 gene, we analyzed the activity of the 4CL1 gene which is sense orientated with the sjGRP1.8p promoter in transgenic tobacco. The Pto4CL1 gene was expressed in the stem of transgenic tobacco. The activity of the 4CL1 enzyme was increased 1–2-fold in the stem but not increased in the leaves of transgenic tobacco. In comparison with the control plants, the content of lignin was increased 25% in the stem but there was no increase in the leaves of transgenic tobacco.
4-Coumarate : CoA ligases,The promoter of GRP1.8 protein,Transgenic
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