The toxicity of effluents from a TiO2 plant to the harpacticoid copepod nitocra spinipes Boeck

Marine Environmental Research(1984)

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The harpacticoid copepod, Nitocra spinipes Boeck, was used as an experimental animal in a series of tests where the toxicity of different fractions (solid and soluble) of TiO2 industrial waste water was investigated. The tests were performed in brackish water (7ℵ). Water temperature was used as a variable in the fractionation of the waste water. Temperature was found to influence the acute toxicity of the waste water. LC50 values for N. spinipes were 0·087 (± 4°C), 0·105 (+ 7°C)) and 0·12% (+ 21°C) of undiluted waste water. At room temperature the animal's fecundity was affected at two intervals, one in dilutions between 0·0003% and 0·001% and the other between 0·03% and 0·3%. An acute toxicity test with the dried solid metal fraction resuspended into clean brackish water had an acute LC50 value of 7·6% of undiluted waste water. The results show that different fractions of the waste water have different harmful biological effects under different temperature conditions.
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