Study of relaxation kinetics in PVDF interconnected nanodots using piezo force microscopy

M. S. Ravisankar,R. B. Gangineni

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics(2023)

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The time-dependent relaxation kinetics of interconnected Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) nanodots after the poling process is examined using piezo force microscopy (PFM). A spin coater has been used to make the nanodots with 2wt% of PVDF solution upon glass substrate. A poling at − 10 (UP polarization) and + 10 (DOWN polarization) DC voltages reveal a 180° phase reversal of domains, which suggests the strong piezo and ferroelectric nature of the interconnected PVDF nanodots. After switching the polarization to the DOWN state, the reversal of domain kinetics specifies that individual nanodots prefer the UP polarization state. Further, stretched exponential function is used to fit the relaxation kinetics of nanodots as a function of time.
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