The carboxyterminal processing protease of D1 protein: Herbicidal activity of novel inhibitors of the recombinant and native spinach enzymes

Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology(2007)

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The carboxyterminal processing protease of D1 protein (CtpA) is predicted to be an excellent target for the discovery of a general broad-spectrum herbicide. Directed and random screening of compounds against recombinant spinach CtpA (rCtpA) has led to the discovery of five different chemical classes of inhibitors. Lead compounds from each inhibitor class were investigated for their in vitro effects on the activities of both recombinant and native spinach CtpA. All of the lead compounds have Ki values of less than 50μM when tested against rCtpA, and all except one showed competitive inhibition. Results from partially purified native CtpA from spinach were similar to those from the recombinant form of the enzyme, thus validating the use of rCtpA in the inhibitor screen. Compounds from three of the classes of CtpA inhibitors show in vivo herbicidal activity against Arabidopsis thaliana when applied either by addition to growth media or by spraying the leaves. Transgenic Arabidopsis plants which over-express CtpA showed greater resistance to the compounds than wild-type plants providing evidence that these inhibitors are directly acting against CtpA.
D1 protein,D1 protease,Herbicide,Enzyme kinetics,CtpA,Mode of action
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