Androgen regulation of the mRNA encoding a major protein of the mouse vas deferens

Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology(1990)

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A cDNA encoding the major mouse vas deferens protein (MVDP) has been cloned and characterized. Using in situ hybridization we have identified the epithelial cells of the vas deferens as the site of synthesis of MVDP mRNA. Northern blot analysis suggests that a high level of an mRNA corresponding to the MVDP gene is present in the mouse vas deferens whereas the amount of MVDP mRNA in vas deferens of other species studied, or in other mouse tissues, even if present, is undetectable. Steady-state levels of MVDP mRNA are decreased by approximately 42% 3 days after castration but a significant hybridization signal is still observed even 50 days after castration. Testosterone treatment for 2 weeks is necessary to completely reverse the effect of castration. In vitro transcription assays on isolated nuclei showed that the hormonal induction of the MVDP gene is achieved mainly at transcriptional level.
Vas deferens,mRNA,Testosterone
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