Detection of DNA alterations in human bladder tumors by DNA fingerprint analyses.

Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics(1992)

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DNA fingerprint analyses were used to examine the constitutional and tumor DNA from 22 bladder tumor patients. DNA alterations, such as loss of bands, new bands, and intensity shifts were observed in 10 of the 22 patients. The most frequent DNA alteration, occurring in 80% of the patients, was a complete loss of one or several bands. Fingerprint abnormalities were present both in low-malignant superficial tumors and in high-malignant invasive tumors, but were also lacking in the latter group. Apparently no relationship exists between fingerprint abnormalities and gross chromosomal aberrations or the proportion of S-phase cells as measured by flow cytometry or development of recurrent tumors during a limited observation period. Thus, whether fingerprint aberrations express genetic alterations directly involved in the malignancy potential of bladder carcinoma remains an open question.
dna fingerprinting
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