On-Line Detection Of The Deadlocks Caused By Permanently Faulty Links In Quasi-Delay Insensitive Networks On Chip

GLSVLSI '14: Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI 2014 Houston Texas USA May, 2014(2014)

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Asynchronous networks on chip (NoCs) are promising candidates for supporting the enormous communication needed by future many-core systems due to their low-energy and high-speed. Similar to synchronous NoCs, asynchronous NoCs are vulnerable to faults but their fault-tolerance is not studied adequately, especially the quasi-delay insensitive (QDI) NoCs. One of the key issues neglected by most designers is that permanent faults in QDI NoCs cause deadlocks, which cripples the traditional fault-tolerant techniques using redundant codes. A novel detection method has been proposed to locate the faulty link in a QDI NoC according to a common pattern shared by all fault-related deadlocks. It is shown that this method introduces low hardware overhead and reports permanently faulty links with a short delay and guaranteed accuracy.
Deadlock,permanent faults,detection,asynchronous,quasi-delay-insensitive,network on chip
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