A portable system for noninvasive assessment of advanced glycation end-products using skin fluorescence and reflectance spectrum

Journal of Applied Spectroscopy(2012)

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n optical system has been developed for noninvasive assessment of skin advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). The system comprises mainly a high-power ultraviolet light emitting diode (LED) as an excitation source, an LED array for the reflectance measurement, a trifurcated fiber-optic probe for light transmitting and receiving, and a compact spectrometer for light detecting. Both skin fluorescence of a subject and the reflectance spectrum of the same site can be obtained in a single measurement with the system. Demonstrative measurements with the system have been conducted. Results indicate that the measured reflectance spectrum can be used to compensate for the distortion of AGEs fluorescence, which is caused by skin absorption and scattering. The system is noninvasive, portable, easy to operate, and has potential applications for clinical diagnosis of AGE-related diseases, especially diabetes mellitus.
medical optics instrumentation,fluorescence,reflectance,advanced glycation end-products,diabetes mellitus
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