Unilateral variation in the position of internal and external carotid arteries.

Sudeshna Majumdar,Santanu Bhattacharya, Panchanan Kundu, Kalyan Bhattacharya

Italian journal of anatomy and embryology = Archivio italiano di anatomia ed embriologia(2013)

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During the routine dissection of the neck region of a 77 years old male cadaver in the Department of Anatomy at Bankura Sammilani Medical College, a unilateral variation in the position and course of internal and external carotid arteries was noticed on the right side of neck. The internal carotid artery was anteromedial to the external carotid artery at the site of bifurcation of the common carotid artery. Knowledge of variation in the course and relation of internal and external carotid arteries is important for surgeons to perform neck surgery and also for the radiologists to interpret carotid system imaging.
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