Design of Disaster Collection and Analysis System Using Crowd Sensing and Beacon Based on Hadoop Framework

Proceedings, Part IV, of the 15th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2015 - Volume 9158(2015)

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Currently, disaster data is collected by using site-based, limited regional collection. In this study, a system that collects location information of users that have a mobile device is proposed. The proposed system collects real-time disaster data by using crowd sensing, a user-involved sensing technology. In order to quickly and accurately determine a large amount of unstructured data, among big data frameworks, the Hadoop framework is applied as it efficiently sorts a large amount of data. Also, to enable fast local evacuation alert for users, a beacon-based ad-hoc routing interface was designed As an integrated interface of the proposed systems, a hybrid app based on HTML5, which uses JSON syntax.
Crowd sensing, Big data, Beacon, Disaster, Calamity, Warning system
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