Corrigendum to “Solution of a crack in an electrostrictive solid” [International Journal of Solids and Structures 47 (2010) 444–453]

International Journal of Solids and Structures(2011)

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In our previous work [Gao, C.F., Mai, Y.W., Zhang, N., 2010. Solution of a crack in an electrostrictive solid. International Journal of Solids and Structures 47, 444–453.] the intensity factor of the total stress for an impermeable crack is directly written by using the corresponding result of a permeable crack. This is based on the fact that an impermeable crack can be considered as a special case of a permeable crack where the electric field is not zero. However, the singularity of total stresses for the impermeable crack can also be analyzed directly from the complex potentials. In this Corrigendum, the singularity of the total stresses is further studied for the impermeable crack, and the intensity factors are re-derived by using the obtained complex potentials. It is shown that for an impermeable crack, the total stresses still have an inverse square-root singularity but their intensity factor is different from that obtained by the solution of a permeable crack. Therefore, it is concluded that solutions for impermeable cracks cannot be obtained directly from those of permeable cracks, since the assumption of the electric boundary condition has not only influenced the electric fields on the crack-faces but also on the electric body force inside the material.
Electrostriction,Crack,Field intensity factor
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