Hybrid prediction-based pixel-value-ordering method for reversible data hiding

Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation(2021)

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Pixel-value-ordering (PVO) is an effective and promising method of reversible data hiding (RDH) and has received much attention in recent years. To improve performance, a pixel-based PVO (PPVO) method was recently introduced to predict the pixels to be embedded in a pixel-wise manner instead of the block-wise manner used by PVO. However, for PPVO, the surrounding neighbors of the predicted pixels are underutilized; moreover, its embedding does not adapt to the local complexity of the image to be embedded. To overcome the shortcomings of PPVO, this paper proposes a novel PVO method based on hybrid prediction for RDH. First, the surrounding neighbors of the pixel to be predicted are fully utilized by a hybrid prediction method, which combines rhombus prediction and pixel-wise prediction. Second, a modified embedding scheme based on multiple histograms is presented for adaptive embedding. Experimental results show the superior performance of the proposed method by comparing it with state-of-the-art RDH methods.
Reversible data hiding (RDH),Pixel-value-ordering (PVO),Rhombus prediction,Embedding capacity
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